A rich topic of conversation amongst fellow golfers is often about the different swing techniques of the great players. When you take a look at the image above featuring Matt Kuchar, Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk you could be forgiven for being more than a little confused when it comes to making changes in your own swing. For each great player with a textbook action there seems to be another whose style differs almost completely but still produces excellent results.


So when it comes to making changes should you be like Tiger and continually seek perfection or Furyk and do the best with the swing that you have been given?


One thing to keep in mind is that even though these players look totally different at the top of the backswing they in turn, look very similar as they move through impact.
As the great players throughout history have proven time and again, your consistency will be judged much more by the control you have over the club head through the ball than by how good your swing looks at the top of the backswing.


The more I teach the more I find myself working on the fundamentals of the downswing and follow through to get quick lasting results in a pupils game.
This doesn’t mean that a player should ignore the backswing. Sometimes a change going back is the simplest and easiest route to a better ball flight.
Nevertheless I see lots of struggling players who are obsessed with how their swing looks going back and waste countless hours practicing trying to achieve that perfect position at the top, when a bit more time spent understanding impact and ball flight would help them much more


So if your thoughts during practice and play are stuck on the backswing and your game seems to be in a rut, take heart from the words of the great Gary Player who after someone had criticised his swing said “This isn’t a beauty competition.” Remember the golf ball doesn’t care what your swing looks like.